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The Shopping Cart Philosophy – Do I Make the World a Better Place?

The Shopping Cart Philosophy – Do I Make the World a Better Place?

By Erin Price

A few months ago, a random stranger said something to my husband that’s never left my mind.

After grocery shopping, my husband unloaded his groceries and then walked to the shopping cart stall to put his cart away. He then noticed another shopping cart that was out of place, and put that one away as well. As he was doing so, a man drove by, rolled down his window, and said to him:

“There are two kinds of people in this world—those who put their shopping carts away and those who don’t. I’m glad you’re one of the first.”


When I heard about the man’s comment, my initial reaction was to laugh. What a strange observation!

But the more I think about his comment, the more I wonder about it.

I wonder, am I the person who puts shopping carts away, who does my part to do my duty and help those around me? Or am I the person who leaves my shopping cart somewhere else, leaving somebody to clean up after me?

In other words, do I make the world around me a better place? Do I lift the people around me? Or do I choose to do nothing to improve the people and things in my stewardship?

The man didn’t know my husband very well, but I can confirm that he is indeed the type of person who “puts his shopping cart away.” For example, every time we move, he actually leaves the apartment in better condition than when we moved in.

I never knew this was possible. It’s not that I ever tried to leave an apartment in worse condition, but daily living naturally makes its mark. But Kevin actually fixes things in need of repair and deep cleans places that haven’t been cleaned in years. He actively strives to make every place better than he found it.

Even if we don’t leave every apartment in better condition, we can still be the type of people who put our grocery carts away. We can do more than just the bare minimum, just to get by. We can work hard to help our family members, to create a good environment in our homes, and to achieve more than is expected of us at our jobs. We can help those around us want to be better and do better because they knew us.

I don’t know about you, but next time I’m at the grocery store, I don’t want to get caught leaving my shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot!

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