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One Woman With Inner Beauty Can Change the World

When’s the Last Time You Told Your Body You Loved It?

When’s the Last Time You Told Your Body You Loved It?

At the end of a yoga class last night, we were told to simply lie on our mats for a few minutes and relax. This experience allowed me to really focus on my body. For once in a long time, I felt more flexible and strong. I started to send my body positive messages.

“I have a strong body.”

“I am healthy and energetic.”

“I can do anything.”


These simple affirmations changed the way I thought about myself, which in turn affected how I presented myself to the world. I didn’t realize how many negative messages I had been sending my body, like, “I look so blah today.” “Why have I gained so much weight lately?” “I can’t do this.”

These positive messages also made me reflect on the importance of exercising and eating healthy foodswhether it helps me lose weight or not. Because even if it doesn’t, it helps me feel better overall and helps me accomplish what I want to accomplish.

My challenge to you is to start sending your body positive messages. Let those positive messages shape the way you think about yourself. And eat healthy and exercise not because you want to improve the look of your body, but because you love your body and you want to treat it well. Cheers!

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